We are starting a collaboration with the private Universe Clinic

We are beginning to collaborate with the Universe Clinic.  Now all of the medical services of the clinic are available to the FriednlyDoctor at a discounted rate. Also, free testing for HIV/hepatitis\syphilis is carried out on the basis of the medical center.

"We understand that our clients expect us not only to perform procedures and research, but also to actively participate in the process of" health management. "We are waiting for initiatives from us on each subsequent step, therefore we are ready to spend as much time as possible on the patient" - Dina Andryushchenko, Director of Development "Universum Clinic"

The FRIENDLY DOCTOR team also trained for medical staff on providing tolerant services to LGBT representatives, testing and redirection mechanisms.

From the first visit to the Medical Center "Universum Clinic" you feel comfortable and in a friendly environment. Most of the staff speak fluent English.

The staff of the clinic consists of people of all ages, attitudes, nationalities, religions. Every employee here shows his unique experience and talents. All of us are united by a serious and sincere approach to the health of the patient.

Register now: friendlydoctor.org